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Communication Strategies on Sustainable Agriculture

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The global pressure to reduce deforestation has intensified over the years, particularly in tropical forests. However, in the Brazilian Cerrado, the most biodiverse savanna in the world, land conversion is occurring at alarming rates. Most of the land conversion in the Cerrado occurs due to soy cultivation and cattle ranching, and much of it is taking place within legal regulatory limits.

Focus Group
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Latest Publications

Getting to know our Student Awardees – Rafaela Barbosa de Andrade Aragao, Griffith University


Communicating deforestation a focus for PhD candidate

A focus group with Brazilian soy farmers was conducted in July 2022 in the Tocantins state. The Cerrado biome, where Tocantins is located, is a critical hotspot for biodiversity, but it has been rapidly disappearing due to soy expansion. Tocantins was chosen because it has one of the highest rates of soy deforestation in Brazil. Figure 1 shows a map with the Cerrado biome and the Tocantins state highlighted.

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